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Something Fabulous

As I sit here on the couch, watching Utah football with my husband all I can think about is my followers. I am not a football person. I will watch it to make the man happy but I rather be watching my Kardashians. Y’all have seriously been the best. You keep me going. And that is why I have partnered up with yet another shop to give you a coupon code, because who doesn’t like to save money? (more…)

Carmella Couture

Y’all! I got you another Mama’s Steal! This one is for everyone this time and I am absolutely in love! Everyone knows that I rock dirty hair for 4-5 days out of the week, no shame here! I go from super cute hair, to hat hair pretty quick. I am a sucker for a good trucker hat and have finally found one that is perfect for everyday. Carmella Couture is so stinking cute with all their products and embroidery. (more…)

Clever Autumn Life Hacks Just For You

  1. When taking family fall pictures go for a hunter green and stay away from yellow. Yellow will make you look larger and green will slim you down and make you look thinner. Y’all probably don’t need that help, but this mama can use the help.
  2. When storing your boots in your closet, cut up pool noodles and put inside your boots to keep them from flopping over and keep there shape.
  3. Pinecones make cute decorations, but are full of bugs. So bake them for 45 minutes at 200 degrees to kill all those pesky bugs before you put them on your dinner table in a glass vase.
  4. Use Chlorine bleach to clean your pumpkins to keep them lasting longer through the holidays.
  5. Carve out the center of a pumpkin, place a empty soup can down inside and place fresh fall flowers inside for an expensive looking (yet cheap) DIY fall centerpiece.
  6. Love the smell of fall. Mix together 3 tablespoons coconut oil, 3 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Pour into your wax burner and Enjoy!
  7. Mix ginger ale and apple cider for a yummy apple pie fall drink. Half ginger ale, half apple cider.
  8. Use an old sweater and cut off the sleeves for a boot sock look-a-like without the bunchiness of a real sock.
  9. We love Halloween, but we LOVE free things as well. $3 Chipotle if you are dressed up. 50 cent corn dog at Sonic. Free pancakes at IHOP all day! $3 grande frap from Starbucks after 2:00 o’clock.
  10. When getting ready for Thanksgiving, wash your potatoes in the dish washer. YES, I said dishwasher. Place unwashed potatoes in the top rack of your dishwasher and set it to the rinse-only cycle. Dry with paper towels when done. Do not use soap!


Hope some of these helped make your fall transition a little easier!



Seven years ago I met my best friend. My brother lived 3 blocks away from my husband at the time and we never knew it. It was embedded in my brain to love The University of Utah before I even met my husband because of my brother.
I loved cheering for the football team and baseball team. They kicked butt in volleyball and women gymnastics and had great college morals.  When my husband and I started dating and he was a Ute as well, it was a match made in college heaven. We love our Utah Utes, but what we love more is personalized Utah University shirt. When I came across Ittybittybirds on Instagram, I knew I had to get my kids adorable shirts to match. She is the sweetest lady, worked with me on what I wanted and had great ideas on the design. They turned out adorable and now the kids can root on the Utes in style! Yes, we are starting them young to love the Utes just as much as we do. GO UTES. And just because I love y’all so much, I got you a code to get your adorable personalized tees as well. Maybe if you are lucky enough she will make you a Ute one as well. Or maybe a birthday onesie for your little one, or a big brother tee for a pregnancy announcement. Go to ittybittybirds on Instagram to order. You can also email her at info@mknash.com.


yes, my daughter has a cast on her arm. Accidents happen, mama!




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A couple of months ago, I found a new adorable shop on Instagram. We tried out their adorable design of floral headbands and was instantly sold. They are like nothing I have ever seen before. They are so unique and different and that is why I love them. They are a new and growing company so show some love and hurry on over to their shop. Today we received another adorable piece from them. More floral designs, of course! This blue floral headband really brings out my daughters eyes. I love the soft fabric that they used for the headband. Like all new shops this is a new product so she is still working out the tweaks, but you will not be disappointed when you receive your adorable headbands.



Crockpot Chicken Stuffing

I have been on a crockpot kick for a while now, and I have found another quick and easy recipe for y’all. My 9 month old baby girl and 3 year old son loved it and they had 3 helpings each. It is super easy to prep, paired with a side salad and french bread and your dinner is done. This mama loves some good crockpot recipes and this one is defiantly going in my recipe book.


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