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Baby number two came fast. She is sassy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a super prepared and organized mama and I always have a back up in the diaper bag. Sometimes in the wrong bag it is super hard to stay organized.img_8435 (more…)

LipSense by Senegence

Holy cow! I am a sucker for a good lip stick, I think you all know that by now. This stuff does not mess around. It seriously is the best thing since sliced bread. There are a lot of companies that try to copy this concept and I have tried a bunch and this one by far is the best. Senegence is an amazing company, they not only have long lasting lip stick but eye shadow, face products and much more.


The color I have on in this picture is Precious Topaz, it literally is my new favorite everyday lip color. It has a little sparkle to it but not too over powering. I get multiple complements on it every time I wear it out. You can buy the starter kit which includes a color, lip gloss, and an oops remover for $55. I have tried everything to get it off without the remover and guess what works the best, baby wipes. Pretty sure baby wipes work on everything. I have brushed my teeth, eaten, drank, gave a lot of kisses to my babies and it does not go anywhere.img_8421

Literally my favorite part about this lip stick is that I can still kiss all over my babies and not get them covered in my lip stick. My one year old daughter can swat at my face and it will not move. Make sure to like and follow lastinglipsbyjen on Instagram. Shop here with Jen.

xxo, Katie

Twist Shake

Hallelujah! The day has come that my little one doesn’t scream herself to sleep. I don’t believe in letting her cry it out, so I would go in there every 5 minutes and sooth her, but lets be honest it is exhausting.

img_8396 (more…)

Fun Fall Calendar

I am so excited to finally be able to wear my boots and sweaters. I have put together a calendar just for you to do fun family things everyday for a full month! Print this out and put it on your fridge and you have instant fun ideas for the whole family! Easy as that! You’re welcome. (more…)

Teal Pumpkin Project

Halloween is a fun time for kids to dress up and go trick or treating, but for some kids that can be very dangerous. Now, more then ever kids have allergies to food.

img_0717 (more…)

Southernism Boutique

Almost a month away from Thanksgiving, and I know you ladies have been thinking about what adorable new tee you can get for your baby girls. I have a two for one for y’all!!


LullaBaby Wear

Mama’s Steal alert. It is busy holiday season and you know you have been dying to get your little one a cute holiday shirt, and LullaBaby Wear has the most adorable baby and toddler accessories.


Breathe Love Jewelry

I got another Mama’s Steal for you! I found the perfect birthday gift that you have been trying to find for your best friend! Breathe Love Jewelry has adorable and unique jewelry.


Pink Power Month

The C word. We were not allowed to say it for the longest time in my household. Cancer. It sucks. It dangerous. It crushes families. It crushes dreams. It is something that should not be taken lightly. I have been dreading writing this post, but I know that someone will read it and get hope for their journey they are going through. (more…)

The “Oh Crap” Kit

My baby girl is not so much of a baby girl anymore, but one thing is for sure she still has blow outs. Girls are built completely different then boys, thus her diapers are totally different then what I am used to. I have put her in bigger diapers and change her diaper very often, but I swear she still has blow outs. (more…)

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