Every women has that moment in the morning, “oh crap, my hair is filthy and I don’t have time to wash it because I have two screaming children that I put before my needs.” So what do you do? I know I could use some tips and ideas on how to be that perfectly put together mama, but secretly be faking it until I make it. Here are just a few things I can not live without.

10 things every mama should have

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  1. Dry Shampoo- In most cases my pocket wallet doesn’t have the money to afford the fancy Dry Shampoo that I love. So instead I throw some baby powder or Baking flower in my hair, and it is good as new.
  2. Shower cap– This goes along with number one. NOT going to lie, I wash my hair probably twice a week. I know what you are thinking, Gross! This mama rather have her eye lashes perfect then her hair be perfectly clean. This has to be a reusable shower cap, not those plastic ones you get from a hotel for free.
  3. Tailored pair of blue jeans– Buy yourself a new pair of jeans that actually fit you. I know I have pairs of jeans from 8th grade still in my closet in hopes that I will be that size again. Reality check! I am a women now with two children, not going to happen. But what makes me feel better about myself is a good pair of jeans. They don’t have to be the most expensive pair, as long as they are tailored to you. Take them to your closets tailor and have them hem them and take in the waist area. No pair of jeans actually fits perfectly when you buy them from a store. For me, they are always too big in the waist and too long, so I get some help from a tailor to make my pants hot for my man on a Friday night date night.
  4. Blazer jacket– A blazer can and will really make or break an outfit. Throw a blazer on over your t-shirt and jeans and it is a totally different look. Having a winter blazer and summer blazer really gives you more options as well.
  5. Face Razor– Alright, I am not a hairy monkey lady but I have peach fuzz. Ain’t nobody wants to see your hair all over your face. Take care of your face and shave it off. As my niece asks, like the razor you shave your legs with? No! Please don’t! I promise you, once you start shaving you will not want to stop, makes your face like a babies butt!
  6. Squeegee- I hate a dirty glass shower. This mama does everything to try and keep a clean house, and a squeegee helps tremendously. After every shower I squeegee the glass of my shower and it helps with hard water spots. My mother makes fun of me all the time, but it helps I promise.
  7. Take out on speed dial– I know I am not the only one that needs to have those nights were you just don’t want to cook. You have already cleaned the house 7 times today and the thought of making another mess in the kitchen makes your head hurt just thinking about it. So what do you do, go to your phones contact list and find the first restaurant that delivers. DONE!
  8. Self Tanner– I am a sun goddess and I love a summer glow year round. I have found the perfect one. It is a mousse and goes on so smoothly. You will not be disappointed with this product at all!
  9. Little Black Dress– Date night is here and what do you wear? That little black dress is starring you in your eyes. Grab it, put it on, and you work that black dress!
  10. NYX Lip Cream– I am a sucker for a good lipstick, in this case a lip cream. My husband says I have enough lip stick to last me the rest of my life and that i secretly hoard it. This color will go with any completion and is a great color year round.

So there you have it! A few things, in my opinion, that I do not live without.





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      always include the original user


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