When we were created, God knew that mother’s would be pulled in 100 different directions at the same time and need super powers. He knew what he was doing, and made each one of us special and different. He gave us the ability and strength to do the unthinkable at times, but we have to dig deep to find that strength at times.3 WAYS MOMS ARE LIKE SUPERHEROS{MARRIEDSINGLEMAMA}

Our children constantly and repeatedly test our patience and ability at a minute by minute basis. We grow up watching movies and read comics about superhero’s who can fly and read peoples minds, when in reality the superhero is standing right in front of us. MOMS. As it gets closer to Mother’s Day, remember that ALL MOMS ARE SUPERHERO’S.

I know y’all have seen the movie The Incredibles, there is a reason why Disney made the mom the Elsta-Girl. Think about if they switched rolls with the daughter and made the mom the invisible mom, I bet there would be a lot of moms hiding in the bathroom very quietly so that their 2 year old toddler doesn’t find her. They made the mom the Esta-Girl because it’s so TRUE! Mom’s are constantly having to do multiply things at a time and being pulled on every limb of our body at every minute of the day. I will be the first to make a wish on that shooting star that I had mom super powers, but if I really think about it I kind of already do. No matter if we have a pile of laundry stacked high to the ceiling, or dishes piled high in the sink we are still superhero’s to our little ones. Here are a few great reminders that we are already superhero’s and are doing a great job!

Like Spiderman, we are talented and can crawl out of bed from putting down a sleeping baby. We spread out all 4 limbs and crawl out very carefully without waking the baby we just took an hour to put to bed. We cook dinner with all the kids pulling at our legs, and some how get it done in time without burning it. Ok, just joking I burn a lot of food due to a crying child.

Like Superman, our kids think we can fly to 8 different places at the same time in our tricked out minivan. But guess what, we get it done because that’s what we do. Even though it means we just skipped our hair appointment for the 4th time, because the kids come first and have to get them from school. Speaking of school, I am not a scholar like Superman go Google it.

Like Batman, our kids think we are a billionaire and have a never ending bank account. Batman must of been a smart man with his money, this mama is not. They always have their hand out wanting more money to go play or need new shoes. But somehow it always works out, and this mama figures it out. Although I would like to think my mom-mobile is a bat mobile but it is far from. I am almost positive that Batman did not have year old french fries crumbs all on his floor board, I’m sure he never ate at the Golden Arches.


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