6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Mama Edition

6 tips for spring cleaning mama edition{MARRIED SINGLE MAMA}

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Spring is here again, and the first thing I think of is Spring Cleaning my house. Why should it just be my house,  I should be Spring Cleaning my body also. As a MSM I don’t always have time for myself, so spring time is a perfect time to give my body a tune up. This mama has to take care of herself as well. Spring brings beautiful flowers that are flourished and bright, our body and skin should match. We should pamper ourselves to match the beautiful flowers.

Remove and Lube– Now I don’t mean your truck tires, I mean your lips. I absolutely do this at least twice a week. Think about this, when you load up tons of chapstick on nasty flakey lips what does it do? Cakes on and does nothing to your dry lips, it does nothing to heal your dry lips. So this is what needs to be done, at night right before bed while your brushing your teeth take a tooth brush and rub gently back and forth on your lips. I use my electric toothbrush and let it remove all the dead skin. Nasty you say, I don’t care it works wonders. Then I put Neosporin on my lips as if it was chapstick. Let it set in over night and in the morning you will thank me. Your lipstick will go on and be so smooth and not flakey. You’re welcome!

Shave your Face– I mentioned this in another post and I can’t tell you how amazing it is. It does your skin some good. It not only takes away all that embarrassing peach fuzz but it exfoliates your face as well. I don’t mean shaving your eyebrows and eye lashes, please don’t! Shave your jaw bone,neck, forehead, mustache and any other place you feel neccesary.

Brazilian– You may be thinking, this women is crazy! That will hurt like the deacons. You have to get the European Wax, it is strip less and less painful. It is a hard clay wax which gives you less chances of get ingrown hairs. The technicians are all professional and all licensed and make you feel very comfortable and not awkward at all.

Pedicure– I am a dancer and I have some dry feet. This women has to get pedicures every once in a while to take care of all that dry skin. It’s sandal season and no one wants to see your nasty dry feet. Do yourself a favor and your sandals a favor and get a pedicure. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for one, do it at your house yourself. My husband bought me a PediEgg and I love it. I use it multiple times a week right before I shower.

Exfoliate your legs- I love a good exfoliator. An easy mixture of 4 things will do the trick. With this mixture you will want to rub your legs all day and your lover will want to jump your bones.
2 Tbsp. Coconut oil
1 Tbsp. Raw Sugar
2 tsp. Lemon Juice
3 Drops Lavender oil
Add ingredients and thoroughly mix well. After shaving your legs, apply to your legs and rinse/Your legs will be baby soft!

Eye Brows Tinted– I currently got this done and will be going back every 3 weeks. I struggle with growing eye brows and this helps tremendously. I used to fill them with eye brow powder everyday, but I love this because I wake up and they are already perfect and ready to go. I went to my nearby salon and got it down. Along with getting my eyebrows tinted I always get them threaded, which is the bomb! I have sensitive skin so threading does not make me break out with harsh wax.


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