Hey y’all! My name is Katie and I am a born and raised southern sweetheart from Dallas, Texas. I’m married to my best friend of six years and have two beautiful children. Our son who is two years old and our baby girl who is 4 months old.



Both bright red heads, how that happen you ask?  My father has red hair, skipped over me and both my children got it. Our son wishes he was a super hero and could fly and our four month old daughter is a little princess already. Toes and nail painted everyday, wears a bracelet everyday of her 4 month old life. She’s a full 24 pounds full of breast milk chunk.


I love being a mom and I love my children, but I also love practicing my talents of dance. I’ve danced for 20 years of my life now and love every minute. I went to Collin County Community College and was on the dance company there. Now that I have two littles at home I teach dance out of my home to about 30 little girls.

My husbands words for that package delivery company that wears all brown and works super long hard hours. He’s always had a hard work ethic and does anything to put food on the table. We love the company but dang he works a lot. I shouldn’t complain because I know other women have it worse off, but that is my main struggle in life. My father worked for the same company when I was growing up and I hold a lot of envy against the company because I never saw him. He worked from 7:00am-10:30pm 6 days a week, Still to this day and he’s 65 years old.

So since now my husband works for the same company I fear my kids not seeing their father as often as I would like them to. There is only one way to continue to be happy in life with a hard working man by my side, think positive and think happy.

So as a new blogger I would like to help all the women out there married or single to help find your why in life. It is hard as moms to feel important to feel your worth, but that’s why I’m here, to help you! I always say, I  feel like a married single mama because I’m married but never see my husband and feel single. So at times I have to pick up myself and do everything by myself. Come learn with me as I share my tips and tricks on dyi mama projects,product reviews and everyday mama life with you!