3 Ways Mom’s Are Like Superheros

When we were created, God knew that mother’s would be pulled in 100 different directions at the same time and need super powers. He knew what he was doing, and made each one of us special and different. He gave us the ability and strength to do the unthinkable at times, but we have to dig deep to find that strength at times.3 WAYS MOMS ARE LIKE SUPERHEROS{MARRIEDSINGLEMAMA}


Finding your Worth

Finding your worth after having children is tricky. I sometimes feel like I wake up, change a humans butt, walk like a zombie to the kitchen and make breakfast all before going pee and brushing my teeth. I can’t even have a meal to myself anymore because my two year old son wants everything I have. I am going to start just swallowing my food like a bird just so that he doesn’t see me chewing. That will be the day that I can eat a bowl of cereal to myself.

finding your worth




Motherhood. It is controversial. Whether you have a 2 legged baby with multiple daily challenges or a 4 legged slobbering baby, your still a mama. My mom always said that if you nurture it and love it you can be a mother figure.