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5 Tips to be a Successful Mama

Your children need your presences more than your presents.It is some parents reaction to grab a child and spank them or yell at them when they are in danger or have upset you by their actions. But we should do the exact opposite! We shouldn’t grab a child and scream at them for something they have done, instead we should embrace them and move them away from the situation and then talk with them about their behavior. I once read an interesting analogy related to how we discipline our children. Imagine you have just seen your child walk into the middle of a very busy road, your reaction is to grab them and remove them from that dangerous place and most likely hold them and tell them how much you love them. You would not stand in the middle of the road and spank them or yell at them for what they did. When your child is in danger, or traffic, remember that holding them first will teach them their greatest lesson before you angrily react to their actions.

5 tips to be a successful mama


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