I am a paranoid mother and not very often do I let my children ride with anyone else but my husband and I. I don’t often let other people drive my children in their vehicles. People exempt from my overprotective anxiety are grandparents and very trusted friends. However, even those people are not exempt from vehicle accidents. While they are generally safe drivers (with a few lead feet here and there), other people on the road are not exactly the best and safest drivers. Accidents can happen to the best of us. Even me. Or dad.

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Imagine, that your trusted babysitter is out with your child. Through no fault of her own, she is in a horrific crash. She dies on impact. Emergency Medical Technicians responding to the crash assume, of course, that the child in the vehicle with the woman is her own. You, the parent, are not notified that your child has been injured, possibly severely, in an automobile accident for hours. Not until someone comes to the hospital to identify the babysitter and says, “That’s not her baby. She doesn’t have kids. I don’t know who she was babysitting!” Precious time has been lost with your child, possibly time during which you could have been making pertinent medical decisions.

This is not to scare you but it is to remind you that Children Have An iDentity (CHAD). The story above is based on a true story of a babysitter, killed in a crash, and the thirteen-month-old child that she was babysitting named, yes, Chad. Because of that, the CHAD program was started. What is it?

CHAD is a sticker. You fill out the information of the child (full name, birth date, address), parents (names, home and work phone numbers), physician (name and number) and another emergency contact should the parents not be reachable. You then put it on the bottom of your carseat, and done! It doesn’t magically stop accidents from happening. It just lets you be notified sooner so as not to lose that valuable time.

Contact your local fire department to see if they have CHAD stickers. Chad Sticker 0806If you don’t have sticker paper at home, consider printing them on regular paper and taping them to the carseat with packaging tape. Be sure to check every so often to make sure that the sticker is in place and legible.

You can’t control other drivers. You can control how quickly information is passed on to emergency responders and to you. Children Have An iDentity. Remember that and take action before you drive in the car next time. Also, a tip for you and your safety add your emergency contact person under ICE(IN CASE OF EMERGENCY) in your contacts. The first responders will go through your phone and look for ICE and know who to exactly contact first. Safety first everyone!

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