Finding your worth after having children is tricky. I sometimes feel like I wake up, change a humans butt, walk like a zombie to the kitchen and make breakfast all before going pee and brushing my teeth. I can’t even have a meal to myself anymore because my two year old son wants everything I have. I am going to start just swallowing my food like a bird just so that he doesn’t see me chewing. That will be the day that I can eat a bowl of cereal to myself.

finding your worth

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I find myself turning off my phone and all devices at night, just for a little me time, because if I don’t I will turn into the Hulk. I don’t plan on it, but sometimes it just happens. I need my me time, I have to find my self worth as MSM. I have to learn to do me. I have to love myself before I can love my kids.

Growing up I was taught to always lean on your spouse once married for help. My father would jump up at 10:00pm after a 15 hour work day and go buy my mom a hot fudge sundae if she wanted it. I expected my husband to do the same. Wrong-o! My husband has taught me to be independent and to be able to do things on my own. He’s taught me tat since he is gone so much, that i am the one that has to load up the car with all 20 bags for our vacation, or fill up the gas tank with gas with 2 screaming kids inside. I am grateful that he has taught me to be independent because it has helped me find my worth and not just sit around on my butt all day. It has taught me to depend on myself to get things done. Yes, he helps, but nothing would get done if he didn’t teach me to be independent.

What is the first thing a flight attendant says when you get on a plane with a child? When the air bags come down, put the oxygen bag on yourself before you assist others. This mama has to have oxygen for herself before i can help my littles.

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