Seven years ago I met my best friend. My brother lived 3 blocks away from my husband at the time and we never knew it. It was embedded in my brain to love The University of Utah before I even met my husband because of my brother.
I loved cheering for the football team and baseball team. They kicked butt in volleyball and women gymnastics and had great college morals. ¬†When my husband and I started dating and he was a Ute as well, it was a match made in college heaven. We love our Utah Utes, but what we love more is personalized Utah University shirt. When I came across Ittybittybirds on Instagram, I knew I had to get my kids adorable shirts to match. She is the sweetest lady, worked with me on what I wanted and had great ideas on the design. They turned out adorable and now the kids can root on the Utes in style! Yes, we are starting them young to love the Utes just as much as we do. GO UTES. And just because I love y’all so much, I got you a code to get your adorable personalized tees as well. Maybe if you are lucky enough she will make you a Ute one as well. Or maybe a birthday onesie for your little one, or a big brother tee for a pregnancy announcement. Go to ittybittybirds on Instagram to order. You can also email her at


yes, my daughter has a cast on her arm. Accidents happen, mama!




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