In another life, I was a nail technician. I came out of the womb with painted nails and toenails.

My whole family knows that I am the one to come to if they want their nails done, it is truly one of the things I love to do for myself. I am a picky person and I don’t really like going to nail salons because one, they are too expensive and two I never end up liking them because they aren’t “perfect.”

IMG_2995This is right after I applied them.
I have known about Jamberry for a while now, but have put off trying them for who knows why. I kick myself for putting it off for so long because I am in love. What women or child wouldn’t want perfect painted lines in cute patterns on their nails with no dry time and are smudge proof. I was worried that they wouldn’t fit my tiny fingernail beds and that they wouldn’t last, but they are hanging in there. I am going on day 5 and they are still going strong. I am not going to lie, they are starting to lift a little at the ends, but I simply just filed off that part and they went back to perfect. I have fought numerous loads of laundry, at least 10 sets of dishes, and wiped countless bums and they are still stuck on. I highly recommend Jamberry to anyone who is wanting a quick, cute nail design.

IMG_3091This is 5 days after application.
The designs are countless, mix and match, paint half your hand and the other Jamberry wrap.
If you are new to the whole Jamberry thing, they are vinyl nail wraps that adhere to your nail with heat and pressure. Check out @jesscox_jamberryconsultant. She is seriously the sweetest and will even send you a sample for you to try out first before you buy a whole set. You can also find her at and guess what? If you buy 3 sheets, you can get 1 FREE. Score!


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