Baby number two came fast. She is sassy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a super prepared and organized mama and I always have a back up in the diaper bag. Sometimes in the wrong bag it is super hard to stay organized.img_8435 I hate those bags that you put your hand inside and you can’t find a single thing because it’s like a dark hole. I love my babies, but I hate loading all their junk around. With my first baby, I had a Petunia Pickle Bottom, which I loved, but it is very hard to clean. I carried it for a very long time with my second child but it got too big to carry everyday. My daughter is older now and thank heavens is starting to not need so many things “on the go.”img_8438

When I found Ju-Ju-Be I knew I was in love. This bag is the perfect transitionally diaper bag. Perfect size and a perfect classic look. There are so many great mama compartments, it even comes with a matching changing pad. Y’all, it has a sunglass pocket. I love that it is machine washable and wipes off very easily. This bag is a for sure must have for any new or established mom. They have so many styles and patterns.img_8443

This company even thought of all the dads out there and styled a backpack like diaper bag for all those dads. Buy yours now, it’s perfect for the holidays. Shop here.

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