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Minted Pearl Design Co

We are all aware by this time how big my 7 month old baby girl is. She is 30 pounds of full chunk and finding clothes and adorable outfits is the hardest thing at the moment. When I came across Minted Pearl Design Co on Instagram, I had to partner with her and snag one of her adorable handmade outfits.


Wedding Flowers Receive A New Life

The wedding industry nets about $86 Billion dollars a year. That’s billion with a B. An average bride spends about $2,000 on just flowers, thats about 10% of each wedding. That is a lot of money wasted and thrown in the trash when it could be going to a person in need of a smile. Why let good flowers go to waste? Why not give them a new life and a new purpose?






27 Birthday Freebies

As my birthday creeps up on me, I love to count my blessings and thank my Heavenly Father for a wonderful life so far. I have good health, two beautiful children and a hard working husband. Although life isn’t always the easiest as you get older, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. On your birthday is a good time to celebrate and count your blessings.


photo by:pixabay.com


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Growing up, I was the first to make my dad a card or a macaroni necklace, now that my husband is a father it is a little different on how gifts work. My birthday usually fell on Father’s day as a kid and I loved sharing a holiday with my daddy. My dad is the best dad around, and I know that we will all say that but truly he is. (more…)

20 Reasons Mama’s Are Late

Clocks! Oh boy! Why? Why can’t we all just go with the flow. I used to have to be on time, I swear I mentally would tell myself something starts 20 minutes before so that I would get there “ on time”. That all went out the window when my first baby came. (more…)

#1 Car Seat Safety Tip

I am a paranoid mother and not very often do I let my children ride with anyone else but my husband and I. I don’t often let other people drive my children in their vehicles. People exempt from my overprotective anxiety are grandparents and very trusted friends. However, even those people are not exempt from vehicle accidents. While they are generally safe drivers (with a few lead feet here and there), other people on the road are not exactly the best and safest drivers. Accidents can happen to the best of us. Even me. Or dad.

#1 carseatsafetytip{MARRIEDSINGLEMAMA}

chad sticker



3 Ways Mom’s Are Like Superheros

When we were created, God knew that mother’s would be pulled in 100 different directions at the same time and need super powers. He knew what he was doing, and made each one of us special and different. He gave us the ability and strength to do the unthinkable at times, but we have to dig deep to find that strength at times.3 WAYS MOMS ARE LIKE SUPERHEROS{MARRIEDSINGLEMAMA}


Handpicked by Ruby Dolls

Alright, I got a deal for your babies today! I am super excited to be partnering with Handpicked By Ruby, her handmade dolls are seriously adorable. They are great for both boy and girls! Which is so hard to find now a days. Yes- boys can play with stuffed dolls also! Especially Ruby’s, they have little bowties and sometimes glasses! So adorable! Here is a short behind the scenes on why and how Ruby got started.



When my son Link was 4 he said he wanted a doll, and I searched everywhere for “boy” dolls and couldn’t find any, so I decided to make him and my daughter Ada dolls that matched them, they were a huge hit. Soon after I had friends asking if I would make them for their kids as well. I had already attempted 4 etsy shops by this point, all had failed, and so I was hesitant to start another one. After a while I didn’t have a choice, and created Hand-Picked by Ruby on etsy about 6 months later

This was my first successful shop, but I think that has everything to do with my attitude. With the other shops, they were created for just a quick buck, and I lost heart in them fairly quickly. However, these dolls have become a labor of love for me, and I think that shows in my work, and people are drawn to that!

My favorite part of this job is seeing little ones and their dolls, and how much they love them! Imagination has always been a huge part of my life and these dolls are just my little way of furthering the imagination work along, that’s why I create fun accessories, clothes, and products for the dolls, because it just adds to the amount of pretend play these sweet kids can get out of their doll.

If the first most important reason I make them is to build imaginations, I would say my second reason is breaking down stereotypes. I get so sad when I hear, “love your dolls, but I only have boys”, or “my husband would die if I got our son a doll”. These types of statements break my heart. Boys deserve all the fun of dolls as much as girls! Heck, my son was my inspiration for these dolls in the first place! And he is so kind and gentle with his little sister, and these are things boys can learn (just as well as girls) by having a little buddy doll. Why not teach them at a young age that being a dad is something special!

I have loved making these dolls, I have loved being a part of others lives by creating something special for their little one, and I will continue to always be grateful to those who support me and my “little shop”! It’s such a special thing to hear from others that they can tell I put care and love into each doll, because I really do! And I hope I’ll be able to do that for little ones for a long long time!



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