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Holy bows! When I was pregnant with my second child, I did not want to find out the sex. I was betting money that it was another boy! When my husband looked at me and said “IT’S A GIRL”, I almost fainted! I then looked at him and said, you’re in trouble! I needed to open another credit card just for my new love of bows! When I found Lilly Belle Market, my addiction could live again. Adorable bows at a amazing price. Ain’t nobody got the money to pay for a $60 bow, and Lilly Belle is the complete opposite. They know moms love bows and know all girls need the perfect one. Oh! Did I mention, they make adorable skirts and dapper bowties for your little man also! USE CODE:MARRIEDSINGLEMAMA for 25% off IMG_2727

5 Ideas to Keep your Littles in their Bed

I am a worry worm and terrified of co sleeping. I have heard of too many stories of rolling on top of your littles and have heard of SIDS stories. I try to do everything in my power to help prevent, even though I know it is not something that really anyone knows why it happens. With both of my children, they stayed in their basinet next to my bed until 9 months old. They both have heart monitors under their mattress and a fan always running (lower risk of SIDS). Getting your children to sleep is so tricky at times, it almost is funny how difficult it can get. Children never want to sleep, when all mama’s want to do is sleep.

4 ideas to keep your littles in their bed copy



Who needs an amazing Mother’s Day present? I know I always need good ideas on what to get my mom. I sure love a necklace that goes with everything and is so unique. Having my children’s initials around my neck at all times is so adorable and so trendy. Adding just an adorable necklace to your daily look can totally make you feel put together and cute. I love bare.impressions necklaces.

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6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Mama Edition

6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Mama Edition

6 tips for spring cleaning mama edition{MARRIED SINGLE MAMA}

photo by:pixabay.com

Spring is here again, and the first thing I think of is Spring Cleaning my house. Why should it just be my house,  I should be Spring Cleaning my body also. As a MSM I don’t always have time for myself, so spring time is a perfect time to give my body a tune up. This mama has to take care of herself as well. Spring brings beautiful flowers that are flourished and bright, our body and skin should match. We should pamper ourselves to match the beautiful flowers.



5 Tips to be a Successful Mama

Your children need your presences more than your presents.It is some parents reaction to grab a child and spank them or yell at them when they are in danger or have upset you by their actions. But we should do the exact opposite! We shouldn’t grab a child and scream at them for something they have done, instead we should embrace them and move them away from the situation and then talk with them about their behavior. I once read an interesting analogy related to how we discipline our children. Imagine you have just seen your child walk into the middle of a very busy road, your reaction is to grab them and remove them from that dangerous place and most likely hold them and tell them how much you love them. You would not stand in the middle of the road and spank them or yell at them for what they did. When your child is in danger, or traffic, remember that holding them first will teach them their greatest lesson before you angrily react to their actions.

5 tips to be a successful mama


J & M Custom Design

Alright mamas! I know I am not the only one with a chunk of love. Meaning my 4 month old baby girl that is 24 pounds. I have such a hard time finding clothes let alone sleepers that don’t leave zipper or button marks all over her because they are too small. So you say, buy bigger clothes. Well guess what? She actually is wearing 18 month clothes, but it does not make the clothes wider it just makes then longer. So this mama went on the hunt to find a perfect sleeper that doesn’t leave her all mushed up when she sleeps. J & M Custom Design is amazing.



Finding your Worth

Finding your worth after having children is tricky. I sometimes feel like I wake up, change a humans butt, walk like a zombie to the kitchen and make breakfast all before going pee and brushing my teeth. I can’t even have a meal to myself anymore because my two year old son wants everything I have. I am going to start just swallowing my food like a bird just so that he doesn’t see me chewing. That will be the day that I can eat a bowl of cereal to myself.

finding your worth




Motherhood. It is controversial. Whether you have a 2 legged baby with multiple daily challenges or a 4 legged slobbering baby, your still a mama. My mom always said that if you nurture it and love it you can be a mother figure.



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