Hallelujah! The day has come that my little one doesn’t scream herself to sleep. I don’t believe in letting her cry it out, so I would go in there every 5 minutes and sooth her, but lets be honest it is exhausting.

img_8396 Since I moved my daughter into her “big girl” bed in her own room at 6 months old, she has screamed 20 minutes exactly after putting her down. Yes, I had tried everything. I am a full time nursing mother and you would think with my second child that I would introduce a bottle sooner, but I didn’t learn. I am pretty sure I have the most picky daughter when it comes to bottles. It is half my fault because I did not introduce her to a bottle until she was a year hold but we have finally found a winner.

img_8409 I am not a believer of giving her a bottle in her bed, but I do give her a bottle as we snuggle and read books and I always wash off her gums and teeth before bedtime. I truly believe that it is a good mix of a wonderful bottle and some lavender oil that she goes right down like a “normal baby” at 7:30 every night.

img_8416I have Twist Shake baby bottles to thank, this mama can finally not want to pull my hair out at the end of the day. Twist Shake doesn’t just have bottles, they have pacifiers and snack containers as well. A must try for sure. The nipple has a anti-colic, mixer for no clumps, and bpa free. Your child will thank you with happy burps and not upset tummy burps when they are down feeding. Shop here.


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