The wedding industry nets about $86 Billion dollars a year. That’s billion with a B. An average bride spends about $2,000 on just flowers, thats about 10% of each wedding. That is a lot of money wasted and thrown in the trash when it could be going to a person in need of a smile. Why let good flowers go to waste? Why not give them a new life and a new purpose?













My best friend recently got married this passed weekend and her wedding was beautiful. She had beautiful pink roses, pink peonies, and white hydrangeas. It was truly a fairytale with so many beautiful flower arrangements. I wanted to repurpose her flowers and take them to a nearby retirement home and memory care center. My grandparents have spent countless days and even months in homes likes these and I remember those patients there that had no one there to visit them day after day. The feeling I would get was such emptiness for them and how could I help in some way to make those people feel special and loved.IMG_2017
My best friend had a beautiful wedding and all her arrangements were gorgeous, but I went out and bought 75 new vases to give these flowers a new life. I stayed up til 3:00am after the wedding was all over to take apart the wedding arrangements and to make new arrangements for the patients at the home. The feeling I had was so much more then a charity, it brought me back to when my grandparents were there and how it would have been so great if someone would have done this for them. Flowers do a lot to people. We give flowers when we are happy, sad, get well flowers, or just because flowers. No matter the reason or time in someones life, you will always have a positive response to receiving them. I have yet to hear someone turn down flowers being delivered to them and refuse to take a gorgeous bouquet of flowers delivered right to their bedside. According to the 2005 flower study of Rutgers University every person had a positive response


I walked into multiple rooms this passed weekend to deliver flowers and the number one response from most of the patients were “who do I owe the pleasure of receiving such beautiful flowers”? When my response was “they are from me”, each person would say “but you don’t know me”, “who are you”? It brought tears to my eyes knowing that these people just want to feel loved and that someone was thinking of them. Most of them just wanted to chat and have someone to listen to them about their funny jokes or to tell me stories about how they used to be a Methodist pastor 20 years ago. So many sweet sweet souls.
At the very end of our day, a man came walking down the hallway yelling for the flower girl, (which was me) he had been walking around the whole facility looking for me. He came to me and explained that he lost his wife 3 months prior and wanted to tell me that he put the flowers right next to her picture above his bed. He was so kind and even tried giving my flower vase back to me. It was people like him that I knew I touched in such a little way to hopefully make his day a little brighter.


A small gesture can go a long way, so be kind to one another and spread the love.


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